Balmers Garden Machinery

Balmers Garden Machinery
Balmers Garden Machinery

Burnley Garden Machinery Centre was formed in 1979 located behind Vincent’s Garden Centre and being owned and run by local businessman David Balmer.

The business of repairing domestic ground care machinery and a small amount of commercial equipment from local golf and cricket clubs became the responsibility of David Balmer and Simon Phillips, who within six months took the company from strength to strength thereby putting a more personal touch to the industry by renaming the company ‘Balmers Garden Machinery’. This soon became a trade name within the ground care industry in and around the county of Lancashire. It didn’t take long for the business to outgrow its current premises making it necessary to move to larger premises on Royal Road in Burnley. 

Within four years it became essential to employ more mechanics to service and repair machines; given that a successful increase in business and a new motorway network construction this proved the ideal time to relocate to even bigger premises. 

Trafalgar Street - Burnley, was a much larger and modern site which houses a dedicated team of fully trained mechanics able to service and repair to the high standards required of the industry. Our technical sales staff are fully conversant with all new and used ground care machines and second hand tractors and are available to assist clients to decide which models suit their immediate requirements. 

The vast range of parts held in the stores department offers a speedy replacement service, thereby, reducing machine down time and ensuring parts are always available for used tractors. Our transport fleet ensures machinery is also delivered on schedule. The friendly administration staff are always available to take your call and any queries you may have. 

Balmers reputation in the commercial and domestic sector speaks for itself by its customer base of local councils, national contractors serving golf, football and cricket clubs coupled with our domestic and smallholding customers. 

In serving the industry Balmers Garden Machinery use only the best ground care equipment supplied and supported by the extensive range of franchises which include: John Deere, Stihl, Scag, Snow-Ex, Logic, Allett, Wiedenmann, Greenmech, Greentek, Wessex, Trilo, Etesia, Pellenc and Hayter to name but a few.

Balmers in addition have to its credits probably the largest stock of second hand commercial machinery in the country - delivering both nationally and internationally. Thereby ensuring our customers choice, service and name that can be trusted. We supply a huge selection of used tractors across the North West, providing only the finest names in the ground care industry with one of the largest collections of used John Deere tractors for sale in Lancashire, we truly have second hand tractors to suit all. 


In October of 2014, Balmers Garden Machinery moved to a much larger modern and state of the art dealership at Dunnockshaw, Manchester Road, Burnley. The new site is set amongst 6 acres of picturesque landscaped grounds.